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ATEN KVM Hot-Key List
Posted by Mandeep Singh, Last modified by Mandeep Singh on 09 October 2013 10:05 PM

ATEN KVM Hot-Key List

Our KVM switches provide an extensive, easy-touse, hotkey function that makes it convenient to access, control, and configure your KVM installation from the keyboard. They offer the simplest way to access the connected computers
  Hotkey Mode
All hotkey operations begin with invoking Hotkey Mode. The invocation sequence depends on the product and the user’s preference. In each case, there is a factory default sequence and an alternate sequence that the user can select, instead. The Hotkey invocation sequence for each product is shown in the table, below. The default sequence is given first and appears in bold text.
  Port Selection
Hotkey port switching simply involves pressing the appropriate hotkey sequence. In some cases simply invoking Hotkey Mode cycles you through the available ports; in others, the sequence involves specifying the Port ID that the computer you want to access is connected to; while in still other cases, it involves pressing one of the Arrow keys.



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